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Okay, so now you’ve got a press kit and maybe a press release or three. What the heck do you do with them? Well, it’s probably a good idea to get them into the hands of the media. That means you’ll need to build your media list. It’s a cousin to your prospects and contacts list.

The first place to look is your own backyard. What local and regional publications are out there? Check for newspapers, business magazines and newspapers. A trip to your local bookseller can help you find media along with editor and reporter names and contact info. Grab some pubs, score a cuppa joe and start writing things down (or into your laptop).

Don’t stop there. You want widespread fame. Look into national publications, too. What the heck. They may not print your stuff right away, but you’re not out too much postage dough. If they see your a good source of information that’s relevant to their readers, you just might find yourself in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Inc. or USA Today (or top pubs of your country du jour).

Also, look for industry publications within your niche. You do have one of those, right? Trade associations are also a good source. Many produce magazines and newsletters.

When building your list, don’t forget radio and TV. These folks need people to interview. You want them to interview you. So, send them your kit and releases and then keep in touch.

Online syndication services are another key ingredient in your media mix. My Creative Latitude and graphic design forum bud, Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, posted several in his recent e-newsletter. By the by, if you don’t receive Cal’s newsletter, you should. It’s a quick, albeit great, read. There’s a spot to sign up on his home page.

So, without further ado, bookmark these sites, courtesy of Mr. Lee.

Fast Pitch Networking

PR Compass

Free Press Release

PR Leap

Press Arrivenet

24/7 Press Release

PR Log

1888 Press Release

Click Press

Free News Release



PR 9

Press Base

Keeping in touch is important. Work to build a relationship with editors, reporters and writers. These are the folks that can get your name in front of Mr. or Ms. Deep-Pockets. You want to treat your media contacts with kid gloves and become a resource for them. Think of them as a treasured prospect, worth their weight in publicity gold, because they’re the ones who can put you in touch with scores of other prospects.

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Comment: Calvin Lee says

Hey Neil - Great info as usual and thanks for the plug! :)

30th August 2007 Quote

Comment: Neil Tortorella says

Hi Cal,
I’m happy to give you a plug. Your newsletter is a gem.

31st August 2007 Quote

Comment: Brian Mays says

Neil, just wanted to thank you for your articles. They’ve been very helpful for my MFA course in developing a design business. It’s been using a lot of my time, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be showing this off soon!

1st September 2007 Quote

Comment: Neil Tortorella says

Hi Brian,
I’m happy to learn you find my articles helpful. That makes it all worthwhile.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to.

2nd September 2007 Quote

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