Business of Design Online: The BoDo Team

The team hails from three continents, but thanks to Internet and a decent connection speed, they work pretty much seamlessly together. Although most collaboration is done from a distance, Jay and Cat work three to several months out of the year in Bangkok, emailing across the room.

To make sure we post on time, clocks are below. From left to right - BoDo has been pegged to California time, so expect most posts to go at 8am (-8 GMT). Tom sits between CA time and Nt’s time, in Austin, Texas. Nt’s at the far end of the US, in Northeast US, Ohio (except when he’s sunning in Florida). GMT is London, where Cat finds herself more than expected. Or in Bangkok, where she calls home. At the tail-end is Australia, the home of Jay. Except when she’s in Bangkok.

  • California (-8)
  • Florida/NY (-5)
  • GMT (0)
  • Bangkok (+7)
  • Melbourne (+10)

The project administration and research are handled by Cat. Jay is the technical shaman who conjures up her magic to make all this work. NT wrote most of the site copy (pages, not posts), with Jay and Cat sharing experiences, thoughts and opinions (is he lucky, or what?). Tom, the new guy in town, is partnering with Cat on all things new.

Below you’ll find more details about the team.

Catherine (cat) Wentworth

Cat Wentworth

Location: Krung Thep (Bangkok), Thailand

Responsibilities: Project management and research.

Background: Proud netdiver powagirrrl girl, Cat is co-founder and project manager for Creative Latitude, a worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice.

Cat’s past work is featured in The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success, by Jeff Fisher. She also has a few words to say in Kristen Fischer’s book, Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs! .

Beyond this, Cat was instrumental in conceiving and creating the NO!SPEC initiative. Due to spiking blood pressure she’s mostly stepped down from being an active voice for NO!SPEC, but she’s still responsible for keeping NO!SPEC running.

In addition to supporting Creative Latitude, NO!SPEC and BoDo, Cat fiddles with Designers who Blog. DWB is listed in Communication Arts 50 Essential Bookmarks. Other honours include a HOWmag Top 10, a 3 Thumbs Up award winner and one of the top 10 blogs for 2005 at PSFK.


When I have the time, I enjoy traveling, watercolour, pencil drawing, sculpture, reading, buying books, playing contract bridge, gardening (via pot these days), cooking, drinking wine and eating popcorn.

Personal quote:

No hard feelings intended. I’m also passionate about the branded nuts I eat.

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Neil (nt) Tortorella

Neil Tortorella

Location: South Florida, USA

Responsibilities: Marketing and writing. His writing style is witty, humorous and occasionally irreverent. He believes the occasional chuckle can often be more effective in communicating a message than a lot of dry corporate-speak. He has been known to string together some serious verbiage, too.

Nt will host Marketing Minute (marketing tips for the small business owner), run the occasional series and jump in on weekly posts.

Background: Nt, a.k.a., “the hermit on the hill,” brings with him over 30 years experience crafting a boat load of print, identity, web, writing and marketing projects. His clients have included The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, American Mensa, Ltd., GBS Corporation, Bridal Fair Magazine, The Florida Press Service, Volvo, Empire Plastics, Continental Tire, authors and speakers Kathy Lamancusa and Ilise Benun and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He has received numerous awards for design excellence, which he typically keeps in his attic or the trunk of his car.

In a previous incarnation, Nt was Corporate Art Director for Alo-Cosmetics, a Marketing Manager with Knight-Ridder Newspapers and the Director of Production for Ohio Week magazine. That experience has aided him in understanding the client perspective.

Nt is featured in the book, The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success, by Jeff Fisher and his writing can be seen in HOW Magazine. He has also been featured in Pitney Bowes’ Priorities Magazine and on several websites such as ThunderChunky. Along with Cat, he is also featured in “Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs!,” by Kristen Fischer. Neil was also a speaker at the 2009 HOW Design Conference in Austin, Texas

Neil is co-founder, copywriter and editor of Creative Latitude. His column, Neil’s Newbies is popular with those interested in the business of design. Neil’s sites can be seen at Tortorella Design and


When not chained to my trusty Macs, I enjoy cooking, playing my guitar, weight-training and peddling around in the muck and mire on my mountain bike.

Personal quote:

There were industry people who helped me along the way. I’m happy to help out others. After 30+ years in this biz, it kind of comes with the territory.

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Jeanette (jay) Wickham

Jay Wickham

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Responsibilities: Besides being the teams Cat minder, Jay will be keeping the website running and implementing BoDo’s wishlist of plugins and updates.

Background: Jay started her professional life as a project manager/systems analyst in a large research facility playing with multi-million dollar mainframes, feeding huge analysis and prognosis models and making sense of the plumes of data they produced. The seeds of a career in graphic design were sown as she found herself specialising in graphical displays and interfaces as well as the user manuals and documentation to accompany the complex systems.

Armed with her IT background and newly minted business credentials, she scored a job as the part-time bookkeeper in a Graphic Design studio. The job quickly evolved into full-time office administration as more studio tasks where added to her job description: Everything from tracking jobs to setting up print schedules. With the encouragement of her mentor, she started learning about the design side of the business and when one of the designers left the studio, she scored the position.

These days, Jay co-heads the studio and specialises in web development for corporate and small business clients. With a wide range of business administration and design skills, as well her background in systems analysis, she is often called upon to diagnose problem work flow issues.


Besides organising my weekly massage, I spend time satisfying the detective within by researching history and finding new electronic jigsaws.

Personal quote:

Make me a list!

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Thomas (Tom) Stephan

Thomas (Tom) Stephan

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Responsibilities: Because they’re on exact opposite time-schedules, Tom’s primary responsibility is waking Catherine (cat) Wentworth up and making sure she goes to bed each day. Originally brought on board to write the creative worker’s humour column Dyer Straits, he has used his extensive non-profit experience, razor-sharp wit and blunt honesty to partner with Cat on the Working Pro Bono Series for BoDo, and has a few other projects in the wings…stay tuned.

Background: Tom carries more than a decade of experience in non-profits of various sizes and venues, and has freelanced for the past 5 years in various creative areas including copywriting, web design, custom graphics for print and web and marketing. He has designed for TT Electronics, The Texas State Aquarium, The University of Texas Law School and Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, and has written for the Art Museum of South Texas, The University of Montana, Korby Imagery and the United States Navy.

Tom’s current position is Director of Communications with the largest non-profit social service agency in the state of Texas, where he manages content on four websites, print design, marketing and public relations for seven satellite offices, three residential treatment centers and three retirement facilities, not including the identity and promotion of five annual fundraisers. He also makes coffee, and is the only live body the laser printer will listen to.


When not working, Tom is working on other things. When he runs out of things to work on, he makes work. He’s been known to moonlight as a professional actor, a mad karaoke singer and a collector of bizarre music.

Personal quote:

I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in communications, a master’s degree in fine arts and the whole world in my hands.