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Chris Tomlinson

I’ve been successful. I’ve failed. I’ve faced adversity. I’ve even faced a potential crippling injury. But, I’m still here. Yup, you betcha. I’m not dead yet (but not for a lack of trying). I have yet another opportunity to start over – and start over I will.

I realise it’s never going to be the same as it was back when I opened in 2005. And truthfully, for the rest of 2008 I’m going to struggle to catch up: physically, mentally, and business-wise.

So, how do I go about it? How do I build back up from here?

Hindsight. That’s what.

I have to start back with lessons learned.

Lesson #1
Marketing is not just having an office, a website and a cool logo. Nor is it a one-time event that will bring you a great R.O.I. It needs to be an ongoing campaign from day to day and month to month. Consistency is the key here.

Lesson #2
A business life has so many peaks and valleys, you’ll never be prepared for them all. But, with experience, you can anticipate the lows and capitalize on the highs, so you’ll have a much better chance at being successful. From my experience, Autumn is a bad time of year and I still have plenty of time to prepare. Also from my experience, I know that Summer is pretty good so I need to capitalize on those moments.

Lesson #3
It seems like such a cliché to use this phrase, but life is too short. Live in the now and know that no matter what comes, if you are breathing, you my friend are one of the richest human beings on the planet. Between my accident and other personal life occurrences I was on the verge of losing everything I own and I came to realization that “the man” can come and take every single thing I own, but “they” cannot take my life.

So now I take these three lessons and I live life to the fullest. I dream big and go after it. I under-promise and I over-deliver for each of my clients.

Half of 2008 is history, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t have time to implement my plan from the start of the year and have it carry over to 2009.

In closing, I’d like to use a quote from a book I read at the end of last year, titled, Tuesdays With Morrie:

When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.

The book surrounds the last days of a professor who taught the author during his college years. I truly believe that if you can apply your life experiences to business in a positive manner, your success can be greater than you ever expected.

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Comments to this post:

Comment: BryanG says

Thanks Chris great series. I discovered today and read through all of them.

One that resonated with me most was the marketing post. I have found myself in a similar situation when earlier this year I put selling and marketing on the sidelines as we were being crushed with work. Now this fall I have been scrambling to get the work flow back up to speed. Should have seen it coming!

Lesson learned.

20th October 2008 Quote

Comment: Chris says


I’m glad to hear that my situation(s) and story might have helped someone.

If anything it was my hope that I could give some real life scenarios for others to learn from. God only knows I’ve learned a few things myself.

20th October 2008 Quote

Comment: Ruth F. says

Great article, Chris! Life has a way of putting things into perspective, whether we like it or not. I wish you many more years of good business!

25th November 2008 Quote

Comment: Chris says

Thanks Ruth! It’s been a long road and at the moment I can still see it all. I’m just not looking forward to that unexpected “turn here!” fork in the road. Y’know?

25th November 2008 Quote

Comment: Andrew says

Hi Chris, Great series! Have thoroughly enjoyed all 5 posts. It is great to get a better perspective on business/life and really try to push to enjoy each moment.

26th November 2008 Quote

Comment: Brody says

Hey Chris, Those were great! I’ve gone through some rough times lately and its very inspiring and makes me remember that I’m not my business or the job I do, I’m not based on the people I make happy… I’m just me and I’m the one who got me here, and the sooner I get back to being that person The quicker I will be happy and successful again

13th January 2009 Quote

Comment: Chris says


I’m glad you enjoyed it and as I’ve said to others, I hope it has given you some sort of insight to the business world.

And since you can relate, that makes it that much better!

Well, ‘rough times’ isn’t better, but you get my drift I hope.

13th January 2009 Quote

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